Countless websites complete against each other for traffic as it’s an essential part of increasing sales. As the primary method for generating leads and customers, traffic can be created by SEO articles. It’s when writers use backlinks and keywords to rank high in the web search results or attract users to the promoted page.

Whether it’s manually done or written using the Spin Rewriter software, it’s clear why many people would misunderstand such a complex concept. As a commonly talked-about topic when it comes to online plagiarism, it’s essential to know that spun articles don’t always get detected unless it isn’t sufficiently different from the existing content. However, with many ways of spinning an article and transforming it into a whole new one, spun articles successfully avoid detection or penalization.

In this article, we will give you the necessary information about Spin Rewriter and explain how search engines detect spun articles!

About article spinning

There are many misconceptions about article spinning, whether it be good or bad. As the standard method used to improve their content generation aspect, many companies have seemly created software that works within an algorithm.

It does the job of creating new content by substituting it with similar words or phrases known as spintax. With this method, hundred and thousands of articles can be created about the same topic for reads to read in search engines.

Since there is so much software developed to generate undetectable spun content, it’s challenging to know when a website has used spun articles.

Search engines like Google can still detect poorly written spun articles through the use of synonyms.

But don’t be scared, there is a lot of well-developed software like Spin Rewriter that has many built-in features to avoid getting detected.

Apart from saving you a lot of time and effort, we’ve made our software as efficient as possible, meaning no need to download any programs. You can freely access the software with an open browser. It’s suitable for all types of PC.

Additionally, we understand that technology isn’t for everyone, which is why we have created a one-click article spinning tool that creates articles within seconds.

What makes Spin Rewriter so great is the fact that you can spin as many articles as you want, even about the same topic, with just a click of a button. To aid your experience after buying our software, we provide you with all the guides and tutorials that you need to help make your experience as easy as possible.

How to detect spun articles
As a powerful article spinning software, Spin Rewriter is able to pass tests when search engines try to detect spun articles. CLICK HERE to find out how!

More about Spin Rewriter

Most people know that search engines like Google can detect poorly written content through the use of synonyms. It means they compare the closeness of articles by matching sentence structures and synonyms.

To prevent getting caught, Spin Rewriter gets equipped with a rearranging feature that alters the structure of sentences or reorganizes sentence orders.

Additionally, the software replaces not only words but also selected sentences or even paragraphs.

With an extensive synonym database, a suitable synonym will be chosen for substitution. Or, you have the choice to add in your own synonym.

When spinning the original text, there are many features you can apply, such as ENL Semantic Language, writing additional paragraphs, and rewriting entire sentences or paragraphs.

Customers get given two options, one that allows you to customize manually, and the other option that automatically substitute synonyms for you.

Another way search engines detect spun content is through the lack of uniqueness of an article. Unique is a term that means original content and isn’t a duplicate of an existing article.

If your item has low uniqueness, it means that it has similar content to another article, which will result in your website getting penalized.

Luckily, Spin Rewriter has a uniqueness stat above the generated article, which shows you the percentage of unique compared to the original text. If the percentage comes out lower than you want, you can click on the Generate a unique version, and the software will respin another version for you.

If your article has sentences that don’t make sense or unreadable by humans, it can also be detected by search engines. So, Spin Rewriter avoids this situation by generating readable content. How?

Our software is integrated with Microsoft Word, which means that all generated articles go through a thorough spelling and grammar check. We also have an ENL Semantic Language feature, an intelligent tool that dissects your article and understands it in order to create articles that still convey the same points.

If you’re someone who has trust issues, you can compare your spun article with the original text side-by-side to double-check whether Spin Rewriter has done its job adequately.

Last but not least, an article must be engaging to gain views and customers. With that in mind, you can fetch images, videos, and links to insert into your spun articles to make them more interesting.

Instead of having to find your own pictures and be at risk of using copyrighted images, Spin Rewriter has free stock photo sites such as Pixabay. You can search up keywords and insert licensed images into your article. Users can also embed specific Youtube links using the built-in search tool.

Final Words

As we’ve pointed out above, there are many things you can do and built-in features that makes Spin Rewriter one of the best spinners in the market.

Apart from getting to use these benefits, you also get given a five-day trial option and a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with our software. But with so many excellent features, once you start using Spin Rewriter, you’ll never go back.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Spin Rewriter, click here to get redirected to the official page.

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