Technology plays a dispensable role in daily lives. Nowadays, a large number of humans tend to live streaming on Facebook or Instagram for working or entertaining, sometimes.

I often livestream some types of videos related to a how-to or hack life in my spare time. And I wonder the question, “Can I just shoot entertaining videos and earn extra income?” And I found EyeSlick, a revolutionary new eCommerce of the live streaming app.

I knew and bought it, so now, I want to share with you my experience as well as its stunning information I collected. This is an EyeSlick review from a real customer, so trust me!

Let’s read on EyeSlick review in more detail!

Eyeslick review from a real user - Warning before checking out
Eyeslick review from a real user - Warning before checking out
EyeSlick Review
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EyeSlick is a brand new generation of live streaming. Channel creators can
Sell products while live on video
Sell the videos themselves if they want
Upload premade videos
Sell digital or physical products and even
Sell their time for individual, small group or massive groups and charge automatically by the minute!
They can even earn money from donations made on the platform
Available to stream on computer (Mac or PC)
And to stream and/or watch (buy and sell!) on your phone in both the Apple store and Google Play store.
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EyeSlick introduction

EyeSlick is a new brand eCommerce to live-streaming, with a large $xxx,xxx in angel funding to make sure that this platform becomes the phenomenal next level online and at the same time, creates plenty of opportunities for your audiences to get in at the ground floor and generates a big profit.

Eyeslick introduction

When getting EyeSlick, users will be given licenses with a beneficial option, including:

  • Activate their own eCommerce, paid traffic enabled video channels (sponsored by EyeSlick)
  • Sell and/or give licenses free. Customers will get 5 percent of founder’s royalty fees on every single sale the channel creator monies either from sales of eCommerce products or live video sales in mobile phones, or any other way the channel provider earns money their channel

The official launch of EyeSlick starts at 9 am, Monday, August 19th and closes at 11:59 pm, Monday, EST August 26th.

EyeSlick Review – Overview

Vendor:Cindy Donovan
Launch Date:2019-Aug-19
Launch Time:9:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Sales Page:
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About the creator

Cindy Donovan is the founder of the phenomenal software. Also, the talented person is known as the creator of Funnel Joy, Traffic Ivy, DFY Herro, Pixly Pro and so on.

Cindy takes over many positions, namely affiliate marketing expert, product creation Veteran, networker, strategic connector to all-from newbies to billionaires.

Pros of EyeSlick

eyeslick review - Pros of Eyeslick
Eyeslick is actually a stunning app. It is bread and butter to people of any profession. The great app enables users to monetize different ways, containing:

Sell live video access

eyeslick review - Sell live video access
  • well paid, exclusive boiling news live stream video to a news channel
  • provide small group counseling or have coaching series
  • Personalize DJ live streaming for weddings, birthday parties, and so on.
  • stream large public or private groups
  • live streaming personal fitness or business training sessions
  • live streaming video walkthroughs about estate agent displaying homes

Upload and sell any prospective videos

eyeslick review - Upload and sell any prospective videos
  • Create and sell product reviews to one person or multiple people
  • Teach anything, share amazing tips or hack-life, and then upload your premade video training materials and have a surcharge for access automatically (or build up your own brand and get it for totally free)
  • Sell stock videos

Receive donations

Like Twitch or Patreon, Eyeslick offers visitors to donate, which means users can subscribe to receive special thanks or exclusive content of yours.

How does EyeSlick work?

Now, I will showcase how EyeSlick runs. Basically, this software can be installed on a laptop and mobile phone.

EyeSlick allows you to create video channels that you can sell directly on live video or from a pre-recorded video. You can do these tasks on this viral eCommerce phone, Macbook or personal computer platform.

eyeslick review - How does Eyeslick work

Who needs this EyeSlick?

Eyeslick is super ideal for any niche, including online and offline. Read on the list below to see Eyeslick channels are being applied in almost any niche for in any profession, namely education, news, sports, fashion or eCommerce, and any type of person. Download Eyeslick right now! (I will just show typical jobs but any person can cop this stunning software):

  • Marketers at any experiences
  • Influential peopl
  • Viral marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Fashionista
  • Celebrities
  • Online sellers
  • Those who desire to save time for meeting
  • And a lot more…

Let's check this demo video out to see it in action!

Attractive bonuses from vendor

All products have up-sells but if you buy EyeSlick today, you will grab extra bonuses with high ticket and recurring commissions. So, the choice is totally yours!

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BONUS 1: Agency Licensing

Here’s how it works! If they don’t want to create channels themselves they can take the easy path to earning money by using our ‘Pay It Forward’ agency licensing bonus – giving away a license and earning 5% on all future sales that person earns on their channel.

[+] They’ll get a special giveaway link they can give to anyone
[+] That person will sign up and create their channel
[+] The referrer will earn a 5% royalty fee on all income the creator makes on their channels

They can give channels away as bonuses, give them to clients or find successful business people they know will be perfect for EyeSlick, give it to them and they’ll be rewarded!

BONUS 2: Inbuilt $10 Cash Rewards

To ensure this platform is a raging success, we’re putting our money where our mouth is by including an added $10 incentive reward program, completely free of charge for all of your customers referrals.

Every part of EyeSlick is built to make them money.

We’ve added a separate incentivised referral program rewarding users with $10 EyeSlick funds that can be used to buy anything in our entire marketplace.

This means, more money in circulation for people to spend on the channels and a whole lot more money that can make it back into your bank account.

BONUS 3: Channel & Traffic Training

Whether they’re creating channels, or gifting them to people, we want to give them everything they need to hit the ground running so we’re giving then some powerpacked training too!

In this video training they’ll discover:

[+] How to choose the most profitable niche
[+] Setting up and optimizing your channel
[+] Creating and finding content
[+] Simple traffic hacks to get your channels noticed

We’ll be adding more videos as we discover new ways people are using their channels to make profits and get even better results faster!

Funnels of EyeSlick

OTO 1: EyeSlick Agency Toolkit

Customers receive:

  • 6 Part Training Workshop
  • Agency website to recruit high-value clients
  • Highly targeted & effective DFY ads
  • Persuasive sales closing telemarketing scripts
  • Persuasive powerpoint presentation
  • Highly converting follow-up email series
  • DFY legal contracts

Price: $67

OTO 2: EyeSlick VIP Membership ($197 one time, or 3/6 month payment plan)

VIP customers receive:
  • Automatically share a pool of queued guests (waiting for invites), earn income from complete strangers! Also, their channel will be professional, so they can add endless products to any of the channels they own
  • Make invites pro level for 6 months. After that, they will need to pay $5 per month to maintain pro features (new channel owner can earn and sell more)
  • Private/featured advertising spots
  • As a pro channel owner, they will also record up to 10-hour length videos on our live streaming
  • Option 1: 3 monthly payments $67 per month
  • Option 2: 6 monthly payments of $37 per month
  • Option 3: One Time Payment $197

OTO 3: EyeSlick Agency Plus

  • Increase earnings with an extra 3% the revenue (so 8% total)
  • 20% discount on purchasing future invites
  • Get more Eyeslick dollars for invites. (Eyeslick dollars are the internal marketplace monetization system. It is used to buy videos, video time from coaches and anyone providing video services).

Price: $497


The developers are working out the fine details of this. PM them if you desire essential information.

Price: $997-$1997

What Are You Waiting for ?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Take Action Today And You’ll Also Get The Following Bonus!


With outstanding features and what I have experienced, I highly recommend you should get Eyeslick right now. Especially if you intend to expand your business and closer up to subscribers. It is a profitable helper, trust me!

Click to buy EyeSlick here!

eyeSlick Deluxe

HUGE Bonuses awaiting you from me

You won’t regret it. Buying Voicematic, you will receive bonuses that worth a ton of money if you buy them separately, all dedicated for the sake of your lucrative content.

How to Get My EyeSlick Bonuses??

2. Verify you see 212671 at the bottom of the checkout page
3. After completing your order ?

Send [Your name and JVZoo receipt id] in a message  to [email protected]

4. You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours or Less.

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